Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I decided to Move

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Oh Baby!

So I called and set an appointment with my doctor. Unfortunately I will not be seeing her, but her nurse practitioner, which is fine by me because even though this is baby #2 I have a few questions. Like can I still run?? The 1/2 Marathon is in 3 weeks and I am so close to being ready, can I still train and can I still run the 1/2 Marathon?? I called and spoke with the nurse and she said I would have to wait until my appointment to get answers to those questions. pfft!

I have been a googling to find out all kinds of things, like my supposed due date is 8/27, and according to a chinese calendar it is a boy, if you go by my age and conception date. It has to be real, I mean it claims a 50% accuracy! Gee 50% when it can only be a boy or a girl....

My brain has already left my head and travelled directly to my uterus!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I Be Knocked Up!

A year and 3 months of trying, appointments with a specialist made. Lots of tears every month when it hasn't "worked". Well it has worked! I am so very freaking happy!!!!



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