Friday, July 13, 2007

Letter to my daughter

(incase things go badly)

My darling little girl-

I need you to know just how much mommy loved you. All I ever wanted was to be a mom and I always felt a little bit guilty about that. I always felt like I should want to be more, that I should want a career, that I should want to do something more important. But then you were born and I realized that there was nothing more important and nothing more rewarding than being your mother.

If I am not around to tell you certain things, there are things that I want and need you to know.

It is never okay to make fun of someone because of a disability, and being obese is a disability. Words hurt a lot longer than bruises and what takes only a minute to fly from your lips may take someone else years to get over. Hold your tongue and remember to think before you speak. Fight fair.

When it is time for boys I hope you will have been loved enough and supported enough and given enough self esteem to realize that going further will not make him like you more. Don't be like me, learn from my mistakes and know that once you give your virginity away you can never get it back. Save it for someone who really does care for you and someone you really do care for. This being said if anyone ever touches you and you don't want them to, tell someone, don't feel guilty, it is not your fault, you did nothing to deserve it and don't let them make you think you did! I promise daddy will protect you and break the neck of any boy or man who brings harm to you.

Study hard. Education is so important and it is very hard to fight fair if you are uneducated. Learn all you can about anything that you can. Go to college and have fun, it will be some of your fondest memories. Date a lot of boys or girls if that is your preference, don't tie yourself down to one person when you are too young and let them influence your decisions. Mmmy did this and missed out on a scholarship to NorthWestern and a Masters degree, be smarter than me honey!

Love and respect yourself, if you don't know one else will. You are a beautiful girl and you deserve respect. That being said we have to talk about drugs. I would be a hypocrite if I told you not to do them. I would prefer that you stayed away from them. Some people can try drugs and easily walk away with no addictions, other people will loose everything and eventually loose themselves over a little powder in their nose. You will never know which one you will be until you try them, and sweetie it really isn't worth the risk.

When you go to marry a man, marry your best friend. If you can't be completely 100% yourself with him it will not work. Marry a man that makes you laugh and rarely makes you cry. Marry a man who wants the same things in life as you do and a man who is gentle with you and with animals, this shows he will be a gentle loving husband. MArry a man who respects his mother and his father and who thinks family is important, because I know family was taught to be important to you and you need someone like you. When you marry a man know mommy will be there with you in spirit and I will be so happy if you are happy.

More than anything know that you were wanted, you were planned, and mommy loves you more than anything in the entire world.



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