Thursday, October 08, 2009

For My Paw-Paw

it has almost been 4 years since my Paw-Paw died. It has been 6 years since I lost him and 12 years since I learned I would loose him long before he died. My Paw-Paw had Alzheimer's. He passed away with the mind of a child without any recollection of who any of us were.

I remember hugging him good-bye 6 years ago and knowing he would not know me again. It was heart wrenchingly painful to watch him slip away. He was never angry in his illness, he was like a sweet loving child. 6 months before he died I curled up in his arms in his hospital bed begging him to remember me, feeding him chocolates (his favorite) and asking, "Paw-Paw do you know who I am?" His response was always the same, "No but I know that I love you." I would respond with "I am your grand daughter, the first girl born to your family name in 300 years and I love you so very much!" I would place a chocolate in his mouth and ask again, "Paw-Paw do you know who I am?" The response was always the same "No but I know I love you."

I am walking in memory of him in hopes that one day they will find a cure. Please help me reach my goal in raising money for the Memory Walk here in Houston by following the link below!

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