Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No More Dirty Diapers!!!!!

I danced around singing "mommy is a big girl, Mommy went pee-pee in the potty!!!!" "Mommy gets a sticker cause Mommy is a big girl!!!!" I did this all day Saturday and Sunday. Sophia screamed, "NO MOMMY I WANT STICKER!!!" I calmly explained only big girls who pee-pee in the potty get stickers. She stuck out her lip and stomped to the potty, pulled down her pants and big girl panties and promptly climbed up and went pee-pee. She smiled and we danced and she yanked the sticker off my shirt and placed it on her own and said "SEE MOMMY I AM THE BIG GIRL I GET STICKER!"

We did this routine all day Saturday and Sunday. No accidents. She woke up from her naps dry but needing to potty and she woke up Monday and today dry. No more diapers. I know she will have accidents, but she is wanting the big prize at the end the week. A whole book of stickers. (Carm the tricycle will come when the accidents are completely gone!)

I tried everything, cookies, candy, brownies, begging pleading, crying...

Who would have thought my 2 year old would be so obsessed with stickers that they would do the trick? Oh happy day!!! My baby girl is a big girl now!!!!



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