Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Legs Think I am a Mad Woman

I felt good all day yesterday, something about endorphins I suppose. I was so tired by bed time I just fell into bed and promptly slipped into a sweet sleep. Only to be jolted awake at 4:45 by that damn alarm clock.

I jumped up, ready to run, ready for that release, ready to prove that I am a success. That is when my legs seized up and I fell headfirst into the wall. Hot damn my body hurts. It took all I had to walk to the living room, screw bending over to tie my shoes, sweet Jesus why is my body failing me!!!!!!

I grabbed my ipod and the leash and Sasha started to dance. I breathed a big breath and said out loud "I will do this" Scott mumbled from the other room, " Good Luck, take your phone in case I need to come pick you up from out of a ditch..."

I walked out the door with Sasha pulling me, begging me to run. I walked. But soon things started to loosen and I forced my body into a slow steady jog. I did the 2 1/2 miles slowly, but completely, then I walked the rest of the 5 mile track I had laid out. I got home, did a lot of stretching, some crunches and a few push ups and hobbled to the shower.

I was wide awake and alert on the car ride to work. But when I got here I could barely walk from my car to my desk. When I went to the restroom and tried to sit on the toilet my thighs gave out and I fell on the toilet. I hurt and it is a little bit more than a good hurt, but I know this will pass, I will not let the sore trembling muscles defeat me.

I will however, let myself eat everything insight as I am starving and I will not feel guilty if that includes doughnuts!!!!!



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