Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I can't handle not having it. I have to drive. I have to make the decisions. I have to be in control. But a lot of times I find it very difficult to control me. But I am good at controlling situations.

On Saturday we took our little one out to lunch at this fabulous neighborhood burger place. She is the typical 2 year old, she hates waiting and wants to trash all the crap on the table. Scott scolds her, which I hate him doing in public because it always leads to water works and "daddy is mean, make daddy be nice mommy as she wails!!

Scott and I have a policy that if she is throwing a fit, one of us will get up and leave with her. I swore that when I had kids I would NEVER let my kid act out in public and make other people uncomfortable. I, not being one to like the taste of my own words coming back on me, have stood by this. Today though was different. It was just a little baby meltdown that I quickly soothed with a hug to my sweet 2 year old and daggers shot at my husband.

But then I heard it and it took all my will power not to slap the sea cow at the table next to us. Here is this family of 4, the parents in there 50s and 2 teenagers or young 20ish college kids. The girl has on more make-up than they actually have at the make-up counter, a skin tight red mini dress and cowboy boots. Now the outfit could have been cute on someone say 150lbs less than her, but what made her unattractive was her mouth. I heard the famous words "when I have a kid..." spew from her mouth as she spoke knowingly to her parents about negative rewards when kids act up in public, and how she would never negatively reward her child with a hug because all it does is reinforce bad behavior.... blah blah blah.

I swear smoke was billowing out of my ears. She is right, you shouldn't negatively reward your children. Sure. In a perfect world. But hell we all know the world isn't perfect. It took all I had not to turn to her and say, "hey why don't you make a list of all those things you will NEVER do when you have a kid, her is my card, when you find a man desperate enough to breed with you and you have your very own sea cow call me, I'll buy you lunch and we can see if you are able to stick to that NEVER list! Until then shut the fuck up about how I comfort my daughter!!!"



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