Monday, June 08, 2009

My husband is everywhere I turn

I missed Scott so very much while we were separated by 3 1/2 hours and he was finishing school and I was raising Sophia alone. Now I wish he was 3 1/2 hours away. I am going stir crazy. Everytime I turn around he is right there. What are you doing? Why? Wanna take a shower?

It is like dude!!!! Leave me alone!!! I love him, I do. I feel like the worse wife ever, I just want a little space. I got so used to me time and now that has been yanked away and there is no such thing as a nice relaxing shower ALONE or late night mindless tv without his comments of "I can't believe you are watching that" or better yet the bed hog and the blanket stealer! I had forgotten all about never having me time when we were separated, I whined about being sooooo lonely. Now what I wouldn't give for 10 minutes in the shower without him feeling as though it is an invitation to join me everytime I go!

I know it will be different once we start working but right now I am going absolutely insane. I can't even check my e-mail without him standing over my shoulder. What the Hell???



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