Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reason 5621157963 that I hate my mother

So hurricane Ike hit. Destroyed Galveston, devastated Houston and mangled Conroe. My parents live in Conroe as does my mother in law. My mother in law is quite a flaky woman, but we love her, she is Scott's mommy and Sophia's MiMi. So when we couldn't get ahold of her we were worried.

We became more worried as the days passed and we still couldn't get ahold of her. We called the police and asked for a drive by to check on her. They informed us that they were not doing those as phones were spotty and they may not be able to call back and let you know the person is okay. We became increasingly worried as days went by and we were able to reach all of our friends and my family.

See MIL lives alone. No boyfriend, no close friends that we know how to reach. Calls to her job were left unanswered. So I caved and called my mom, my mother who does nothing and asked her to drive the 10 miles to her home to see if she was alive. She asked for her numbers and reported back to me that she didn't answer her calls. Well no shit dumbass that is why I asked you to drive there!!!??!!! She then tells me she doesn't think she can make it there because of traffic. Yet a day later when I call to see if she has gone she is at the airport 45 miles from her home picking up some random non family person! Yet she can't go check on my MIL. I am pissed but I laugh it off as this is how my mom is. See BC doesn't have money and therefore is not important. BC also knows what my mother has done to Sophia and I and my mother is scared to face that music. Yet we are here thinking a tree might be on top of her or something.

It was embarrassing to say the least to have to explain to my brother in law that my mother, the woman who was there at my birth, the woman who supposedly knows better than I how to raise a child, is too shallow to go check to make sure his mother is alive because family means nothing to her.

Craig made the drive to check on his mother. 12 hours later he finds her okay without water, telephone, and power, but okay. thank God.

But hey mom thanks. Thanks for giving me one more reason to resent you, because really I didn't have enough already. What with being beaten all my life by you, being a great disappointment by being such a terrible dirty whore and oh yeah the topper watching you strike my child! You are a sick woman. I feel sorry for you. I have told Sophia that you are sick and we can't be around you anymore. Because really mom it isn't your fault that you are the way you are. You are too sick to know that there is a better way to be.



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