Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Maybe I am just an ignorant southern woman, but I am sick and tired of listening to people bad mouth Sarah Palin. People say oh she is a feminist who is for the oppression of women. I don't get that.

How is she for oppressing women? Because she is pro-life and against abortion? I am just pleased that she is a woman and a candidate who stands by her convictions. She knew her child had down syndrome and did not abort. Her teenage daughter gets knocked up and she doesn't make her have an abortion in some secret little place no one would ever know about. So to me she is really pro-life and really stands by that. I like that. I myself am pro-choice and would hate to see that right be taken from women. But I admire her convictions.

I am a Republican. I never thought I would say that. I was always very liberal and then I grew up and got a real job and made real money and wondered who the fuck is fica and futa and why do they get such a large chunk of my earnings?? I hate that the money taken from my checks is not given in a way to help the under privileged but is given in a way to hinder and hold them down. I have been on welfare. I used it as a hand up not a hand out. But there are people who have been on it for life and that is just plain wrong. If I can work so can you!

The Republican party has a lot of the same views as I do on immigration, war, healthcare, economics and foreign policy. Healthcare and Immigration are my biggest concerns. I do not want universal healthcare at all. If you do then move to a country that has it and when you need a surgery get on the waiting list and you may die before your chance to have the surgery! As far as immigration. I am all for someone coming to this country to live the American dream. Do it legally and I have not an issue with you. Learn English, work hard, and life will be good for you here. Wave your birth country's flag and bitch about what America hasn't done for you and find yourself in a shipping container aimed for your birth place.

I am scared that Obama will be elected. I am scared if he is elected he will be assassinated by some backwoods dumb redneck bubba who hates niggers. I fear when this happens a revolution will occur in this country. I feel we need a revolution, but that means fighting on our own soil. I fear that.

I like Sarah Palin, I will vote for McCain because of her. I respect her and the things she has done in her very short stint in office. But can someone please explain to me why people say she is oppressing women??



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