Monday, September 15, 2008

I Survived Ike

I guess all my moaning about missing my husband made the big guy upstairs take some notice. I never thought the Hurricane would hit Galveston, I never thought if it did it would have such an affect on Houston, where I now live. I was released from the office on Thursday at noon and told get your daughter and get home to Scott.

I didn't blink. I ran to daycare. I ran to the garage I live in. I threw our belongings in the exploder and I zoomed to sit in traffic. Traffic that turned my 4 hour drive into 10. Lucky for me I knew a few little back roads that are not on the map apparently as I was able to zoom down them at 80 with nary a care in the world, and no lines at the gas pump.

I am pleased to say that 3 large trees fell on the wicked witch of the wests house (my mother). I am non so pleased that where I stay will not have running water or electricity for up to 4 weeks. I am very pleased to say that my boss. That beautiful man that I adore, that is just brilliant I tell you, is allowing me to work remotely from New Braunfels until my jobs that I am assisting the running of have electricity!!!! That is at the very least 2 whole weeks!!!!!!

So Ike, this is where I say thank you! Thank you for devastating my city. Thank you for letting me stay with my husband. Thank you for giving me this short little break where I don't have to do it all where I get to have my love right beside me!

On the other hand Fuck you Ike, Fuck you for devastating my city and causing so many to have to suffer through your wake. I realize that the city and the surrounding areas needing a good douching out, but seriously 2 weeks or more without power and water is not so bueno. Comprende??



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