Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sophia The Princess

So I am a little late to report on Sophia's birthday bash....I have been busy, really laying on a tube and floating the river keeps a girl quite busy!

Sophia turned 1. Her great day was 11 days ago. She was showered with love, presents, and what every girl loves cold hard cash! It was a stressful day for her as she was in the process of cutting 4 teeth at once and was just a tad bit cranky and who in the hell were all these people touching her toys and grabbing at her???? Did we not realize that her mouth hurt and all she wanted to do was run around and fall over as this is her latest and greatest new trick???

She did well. I did well and most importantly Scott held up under the pressure. Our little home that I thought was so roomy was packed with family and friends and rugrats. The A/C was pumping set on 55 degrees and we were all hot and sweating. The food was good but the best part of all was when everyone left except a few and the kids played in the yard under a ladybug sprinkler.

Sophia was unimpressed with the cupcakes, but she surely loved the icing!



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