Monday, June 16, 2008

How I Loathe Packing

I am an organized person. Lists, cleaning schedules, I can get pretty anal about, and when my friends lead cluttered lives I can't seem to understand how they do not have the time to organize and schedule and make it work. This is really hard on me when it comes to packing.

I am having to come up with a plan of living in 2 homes and not having to cart all kinds of crap back and forth between my 2 homes. It is blowing my mind. I mean really I do not have 2 of everything nor do I want 2 of everything and I can't seem to decide what I can live without through the work week and what I can live without on the weekends.

I know my bathroom stuff (makeup, hair stuff, cleaning stuff, smelly good stuff) will make the trek back and forth. But clothes and shoes???? I just can't decide. Then there is Sophia and her stuff, mainly toys. What stays what goes?

My brain is swimming in circles and I hate hate hate packing!

It is also just so bittersweet. Leaving Scott behind and being excited about a new job and having PMS. I am a mess!



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