Friday, June 06, 2008


I have been floating around between depression and just plain having a case of the blahs. Things changed today.

I interviewed for a job in Houston last year and had my dreams dashed when some woman wouldn't move departments so that I could go to work there. I got a call today and an offer in writing. I am moving home.

As much as I love the hill country I hate the black hole it has been for me. It is beautiful here, the rivers...But the people are not so much my kind of people. Seems like everyone here is on some form of government assistance and screams about how the man is keeping them down. I echoed those thoughts and feelings for awhile, but then I realized it is just that people think the cost of living here is so much lower when in actuality the cost of living isn't lower. The only thing that is lower here is property taxes and the wages.

For almost three years I have struggled here to rub two pennies together. It seems my time for struggling is over. I am moving home into the warmth of all of my friends and family. I am taking a job that will be challenging and exciting where I will be able to grow with a company that really wants me there. I am thrilled.

If you could see me now I am doing a happy dance!!!!

Oh how I can't wait to be home. I may have changed a lot in the past few years, got married had a baby, but I am still ready to shake things up a bit so look out Houston here I come~!!!



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