Monday, June 09, 2008

Dog's are like Babies

I love my dog. She was Scott and mines first child. I loved her from the first moment I saw her. She snuggles into my chest at night to sleep and licks my face to wake me up in the morning when Sophia cries. She growls when she hears someone walking up to the door and dances and barks and wags herself silly when you come inside.

I take Sasha a lot of places with us. But I never leave her in the car for more than a minute and I always crack the windows. It is normally as I run in to pay for gas or something quick like that. I live in Texas, it is hotter than hell here already, temperatures reaching 99 and with the heat index well over 110. So I know that my precious first child Sasha can cook in a car and die just like my sweet Sophia can and therefore would NEVER EVER leave her in the car!

I say all of this because of today~

Today I took Sophia to daycare, ran some errands and hit the gym. I climbed on that evil elliptical machine and went to work. I stared out the window at this tan Mercedes and thought nice car. I hit the 45 minute mark and was dying I wanted my hour to be up. I stared at the tan Mercedes and then I saw them... Not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 dogs heads popping up and down scratching at the windows, barking and panting. That car was there before I got on the machine. I was furious and worried about those little guys.

I called the police. They transferred me to animal control. I relayed my story and they sent out an officer. Turns out some little old bitty was in the coffee shop next door having coffee with the girls. Why not leave the dogs at home dumbass! I hope she enjoys her ticket and I hope to hope those dogs run away from her and find someone who will love and spoil them.

I wanted to ask the old bat so if that was your grandchild would you leave it in the car with the windows all the way up in the hot Texas sun? But I didn't. I finished my workout knowing that I may have stuck my nose in but I did the right thing. I watched countless people walk by and shake their heads when they saw the dogs, but noone did anything, noone acted. What would you do?



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