Thursday, May 29, 2008


I don't know what is worse the tourists or the snow birds. But I do know what is worse than both combined, my mother is coming to town for a visit. Oh yeah you say that isn't so bad, but she is bringing my grandmother and my brother. My darling father the mediator, well he is working this weekend and will not be here to help keep sanity in the house.

They will be arriving sometime tomorrow and are here through the weekend as my darling daughter is turning 1 on Saturday. I can't believe it has already been a year since I worked to push her 8 lb. body out of mine. She has just grown so very fast. Walking and talking, oh it makes me cry just to think about it....

Needless to say today was spent scouring windows, floors, bathrooms. Dusting vacuuming and then re-dusting everything. I washed the guest room linens and I went shopping for supplies (bottle of jack and a bottle of xanax!!) for the big day and all the meals I will be left to prepare for the family.

We also have Scott's family coming over on Saturday and various friends. She will have a celebration and hopefully I will be sane when it is all over and done with, if not you will find me in a coma from too many pills and too much booze!



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