Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shut that Kid up before I do It For You!

It is a rare and blessed day when Scott and I make time for a date with each other. When we put forth the effort and spend good money on a baby sitter. Go somewhere to have a nice dinner together without the beauty that is our child. When we actually get to enjoy the experience of a meal out without a minor meltdown.

Friday night was one of these rare occasions.

$30.00 for a babysitter
$60.00 for dinner and drinks
The neighboring table and their inability to control their child or take the child outside so we could enjoy our meal....

I wanted to leave. I complained to my waiter. I complained to the manager. I then complained to the parents and let them know just how damn rude I thought they were. Did I mention drinks with dinner???

I told them you know I feel your pain, really I do, I m paying for a babysitter so I could enjoy my meal without having to listen to a crying baby. Do you realize that your inconsiderate actions have ruined my meal??

I was of course called a bitch, management was no help and I then refused to pay for my meal and left.

I have a child. We take my child out to eat often with us. We eat early, so the restaurant isn't crowded, so when she throws her crackers she is less likely to hit someone with it. We work on manners, I bring toys. I make sure she doesn't have a meltdown. But sometimes she has one anyway and when she does Scott or I immediately remove her from the restaurant leaving the other to get the food boxed up and to pay the bill.

I think it is rude and shows lack of any kind of parenting skills when you allow your child to throw a fit in a restaurant. It is kinda like people who don't teach there kids to chew with their mouth closed or to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough. It is wrong.

I always said I would NEVER be one of those parents with a screaming kid in public, and I am not. Why should someone else have to listen to my kid cry and carry on? The answer is simple, they shouldn't and you shouldn't!



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