Wednesday, May 14, 2008

God Doesn't Make Mistakes!

Last night I found myself talking with a dear friend of mine and listening to her woes about her inability to conceive. I feel her pain I really do. I remember the fear that I wouldn't be able to have children, lucky for me I had no problem. But for her it has been a battle.

Hormone treatments and all kinds of other things I can't spell. She was crying and judging girls who have abortions and saying God Doesn't Make Mistakes!!! I should have gotten off the phone. I shouldn't have listened. She turned on me and yelled at me how it wasn't fair that I had a beautiful healthy baby when I decided to murder a child when I was 18.

All I know is I saw red and I lashed back "well if GOD doesn't make mistakes then maybe he isn't making a mistake withy making you STERILE!!!!" "Maybe he knows you would make a horrible parent!" I heard her gasp. Tears stung my eyes. I had just verbally assaulted my friend. I normally only save this raw rude behavior for strangers, I tend to censor myself with my friends. I stuttered out I am so sorry I should have never said that, but the line went dead.

I should have never said it. But she should have never said what she said to me either.

I never meant to hurt her as I am sure she never meant to hurt me. But seriously if you are going to say God doesn't make mistakes then you have to accept it on both sides of that double edged sword. He doesn't give the crackwhore a baby by mistake, he didn't make you barren by mistake....Sucks but it is the truth if that is your stance.



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