Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Giving Back

When I left my ex husband there were a lot of unresolved issues. There were a lot of "friends" who thought I was a shitty person because of what it must be doing to Hunter. See Hunter has Autism, and what I was doing was sure to be very confusing to him.

I knew that Hunter needed stability and routine. I knew that seeing me intermittently in non routine doses wasn't going to be good for him, that it would make me feel better, but in the long run it would do him no good. So I kissed him good bye one day and said "Momma D loves you!" and I cried as I walked away. I have never seen him since. I made it quick like ripping off a band aide. Now maybe I was wrong, but I truly felt it was the best way to handle it.

Hunter has never gotten the care he needs or deserves because both of his parents are to ignorant and bound up in denial that Hunter suffers. It was the cause of many of the fights that Greg and I had, I knew I could do better than her. Regardless.

I am telling you all this because Autism is a real epidemic. 1 in 150 children are diagnosed. It is larger than pediatric cancer. As a used to be step parent of a child with Autism I have seen first hand how it affected Hunter and everyone who he came in contact with. He was not high functioning, he did not speak and was unable to communicate effectively.

Autism Speaks is an organization that is raising money for research and I have decided I want to become involved. So I am asking you all of you to help me do something good. If you live in or around the Austin area I am getting a team together for a walk for charity Autism Speaks is doing in November or you can donate using that little donate button over there. It is a good cause. Thanks!



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