Monday, December 03, 2007

The love of The Game

My darling child is picking up mine and my husband's love of football. Sparky can rattle off stats for any player on any team from as far back as the 70s. Quite impressive for someone born in 1976! I myself can only rattle off stats and good plays by teams that I particularly enjoy. The Oilers ( hate them since they moved to Tenn.) Packers, Rams, Texans, RedSkins, Colts, Patriots and The Vikings. Sparky also has a love of college ball, which I enjoy watching with him, but I don't set out to watch it.

I love football. As a little girl I can remember sitting in my daddy's lap in the recliner with my chocolate milk and his Jack and Coke and yelling and squealing at our small T.V. cheering on the Houston Oilers in my "Luv Ya Blue" T-shirt. I remember one season sitting on the floor making a some kinda yarn pull threw thing that was a huge helmet with the Oilers logo on it, it still hangs in my Daddy's garage. This was time with Daddy. I loved it.

I learned the rules of the game. I learned about blitz's and different strategies. My Daddy loves football. I dreamed of being a big time wide receiver or running back, maybe a kicker. I wanted to play ball so my Daddy could watch me and cheer me on. I wanted to be his favorite star player!

As I got older my Daddy was always there for me. I remember dance recitals and plays. My Daddy rushing from work and never missing a moment of me being his little star on a stage. I remember rushing to hug him and being able to smell the oil from the machine shops on his skin, the sweet smell of my Daddy.

I love being able to look at my little girl and see the delight that she takes in sitting in her Daddy's arms and watching The Big Game. Sunday's with Daddy. I am so thrilled and so happy that she will be Daddy's little girl just like I am, that she will know how a good man is supposed to be and how it is suppose to feel when you are loved. I delight in the fact that I get to see my goofy husband melt when she smiles at him and know that she has him completely wrapped around her little pudgy fingers. I know that my daughter will thrive and blossom into a lovely young girl just trying to make her Daddy proud and wanting him to cheer her on as she is his favorite star player in the game of life!



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