Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful to be Home

I was so excited and thrilled as I loaded the family SUV and headed home for the holidays. I was excited to make punkernoodle's first Thanksgiving so very special, memories that I would cherish for what is left of my lifetime. I should however after 32 years with my family realize to never set my expectations to high and to never believe in happy gatherings.

I truly and honestly believe that my mother tried to poison Sparky and I Tuesday night so that she might raise our lovely Punkernoodle all on her own! My mother made some kind of grilled shrimp and her version of cannelloni. The salad she served I must say was delicious as it came from a bag, but was probably laced with ecoli! The shrimp were half cooked and tasted extremely fishy and I couldn't swallow a bite of the cannelloni, I spat it into my napkin. Scott was able to say it was very good but his mouth hurt so bad from having his wisdom tooth out. I on the other hand, ate my salad and feigned being completely full! Needless to say we were both up sick most of the night.

I spent Wed- Fri being my mother's slave. I made Breakfast all three mornings and cleaned her kitchen from top to bottom after every meal. I scrubbed the toilets and dusted, mopped and vaccummed her 3600 sq. foot home. I prepped everything for thanksgiving dinner, I made fresh bread, french onion soup, mashed potatoes, and all of the veggies. I did all of this with my daughter on my hip. My mother never once helped me with her and Sparky was off visiting friends. I never once got a thank you from my mother.

I did however get my mother telling me how to raise my daughter and trying to give her things to eat that she is not ready for. After countless hours of saying no mom she can't have that and explaining that her doctor said blah blah blah, and hearing in return well when you were a baby...and it is amazing you and your brother survived!!! I lost it. I threw down the only thing I have to make her shut the hell up and listen. I said, " You know mom I love you and I am going to try and be nice about this." "You raised me and my brother and did a great job, but this is my daughter and I am choosing to listen to her doctor when it comes to what is best for her and to listen to my own intuition as I am her care giver 24/7." "I hope that you respect me and what I say when it concerns my daughter because if you refuse to then you will not be allowed to be around her."

I hated this exchange with my mother, but I know what is best for my daughter and drinking coffee out of my mother's coffee cup at just shy of 6 months is not good for her!!!!

I had a similiar exchange with my 95 year old grandmother. She actually tried to tell me that I wasn't raising her right and that if I did raise her correctly she wouldn't rebel as a teenager. Really grandma??? Just where are you hiding the crack pipe? All children rebel. It is part of claiming independance from parents. I realize some rebel harder than others but all rebel! She actually told me that she didn't. I asked her didn't you frequent speak easy's and drink gin and dance to jazz in the 30s?? She said yes. I asked and weren't you raised SOUTHERN BABTIST??? That would be rebelling since until a few short years ago Babtists looked at dancing as communing with the devil and don't get me started on their views of drinking!

Oh how I love my family!

I am too tired to continue on about my brother and his non sense....that is another post.



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